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ETV Erta Ethiopian National Television, Regional TV. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Entertainment, Local news, music.

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2014-07-23 12:28:57

Tsedeke Temesgen

To Ethiopian TV news program: Please Inform For people In A media

2012-10-07 10:42:46

kadra hassan

tv oromiyya tv ethiopia bakka nuti amma jirru kenya kessati dhageffachu hin dandennee maaloo

2012-05-22 02:38:27


Ethiopia is one of the best in Africa. Its true that if it continue such development the country will very top,

2011-12-03 06:48:43


b¨k@LÄ¥ yqrbW t‰k! ðLM XJG ¨st¥¶Â -”¸ mr© kmçn# b§Y bz!H y¸ts¥„ sãC bȸ xúͶãC  y¾nT ¥lTM yx!T×ùêEnT y¥YgLi# ÂcW y¥ÃÄGM tgb! XRM© XNÄ!wsDÆcW X§lÖWÝݨmsGÂlÖH ¨sgd kbd kmql

2011-08-25 05:15:53


about etv?

2011-08-15 10:33:49

dj sexy

i have cmment for ERTA journals rather than talking about people of somalia who r on shortage of food please also tell us about people of borana and arsi people

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