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2011-12-02 08:13:12


Have some shame. For few nuts don’t go to such low level. If any body willing to roll in a Temple why are you after them? You shits ( I feel sad to use such word but to force the point I have to) not even once mentioned rolling is good as an exercise and activate acupressure points, if not any thing else. You failed to mention that not only dalit but other castes  are also doing. You agents of foreign money bags are paid to divide Hinduism. There are many other profession where you get better paid. Resort to it that is more honorable. If you got guts also ask the answers to following:- As per Christian belief Adam and Ava were created about 6030 years back. If it is true, how can we discover the fossils of human being about 60000 years old?  Ava was created out of, side born of Adam. Does it means God run short of required material? Or It means women got less importance.Why God created forbidden fruit? Had they not eaten forbidden fruit you and me and even Christ would not have born. So is it a boon or a curse. To whom the credit go.God cursed Adam and Ava but did not have any control over Satan in snake form.Adam and Ava had only two sons’ kayil and Abel. From where did the girls they married came?Why so much of controversy regarding the date of birth and resurrection of Christ in the statement of Marcos, Lucos, and Yohanan and other historical evidences? Mathai not even agreed with resurrection. Which one is gospel truth?How Christ who could not save his own life could save others?If Christ life was scarified to God for our safe, to which God? Is it to his father? Or Is it to some other God.If Christ was happy to sacrifice, why he tried his best to avoid by hiding form Yahudas In bible many places God shows his jealous, cruelty, angry, intolerance and arrogance against other Gods, believers and Ladies. Is it what you expect from God.

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