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10 Health TV Lincoln NE

Lincoln, NE USA, Community. Lincoln Nebraska Community Television, Educational

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WAVA 780 AM Washington DC

Washington, DC USA, Christian. Christian Talk Radio

 3  votes

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WQUL Cool Q 95.9 FM Woodruff South Carolina

Woodruff, SC USA, Classic Hits. Classic Hits 60s 70s 80s, Greenville Spartanburg Area

 69  votes

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KNYD 90.4 FM Tulsa Oklahoma Oasis Radio

Tulsa, OK USA, Christian. 64kbps Christian Programming. 89.1 Enid 91.1 McAlester 88.1 Miami 90.3 Ponca City

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KSRX 97.5 Bob FM Sterling CO

Sterling, CO USA, Adult Contemporary. Adult Hits, Bob Plays Anything, Colorado

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Cityscreen 12 TV Fairfax VA

Fairfax, VA USA, Community. City Of Fairfax Virginia Government Access Television

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I agree with you. That is exactly what you should do when you don't like a show on radio. Don't listen to that show. I happen to love Rush Limbaugh and conservatives don't ask radio stations to take off something that they don't agree with. They just don't listen. Liberals want everything that they don't agree with banned or shut down. That's just the way they work.

Reviewed By

mr me I have the same opinions as rush...........but I had those opinions many yrs. before rush came on the radio

Reviewed By

larry I do believe there are some other stations

Reviewed By

Closed minded liberal puke.

Reviewed By

I have always ascribed that those with no opinion of their own listen to Rush.

Reviewed By

I started listening and still do because of Rush.....As do most of my friends and business associates. Darn shame that facts and reality annoy you so much........