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KNBR 680 AM San Francisco CA, Sports radio. San Francisco, CA USA. KNBR-AM CBS Sports Talk Radio.


2013-08-11 20:43:53


What do the kmbr listenter think of Hunter Pence new nick name. The girls call him Foxes.I think it works he even look like a fox.Just saying.maybe even fox hats ,

2012-05-16 18:46:47


Apples Kadulca

2012-05-15 18:23:24


Gary, once again you prove to me you rather be a talk show host for reality television then a sports talk radio host. Please stick to sports then commenting on people lifestyle who have absolutly nothing to do with sports. I dont care about your opinion on whether or not people who are married with kids and parents vs people who dont, (also you make ot seem only people who are married with kids and living parents are the only "happy" people out there)and i would think your listners would rather listen to you talk about sports repeated topics then you taking shots at someone who upset you over an email.

2011-09-27 06:15:41


Who ever is talking about bad about fans coming together and doing the wavy is an idiot. Eric burns you are stupid. The wavy is part of being at a stadium and having fun at the game. Sorry our fans don't act like a bunch of felons (I.e. Raider fans or LA dodger fans stabbing, shooting and fighting one another!!). Your opinion sucks but your entitled to your lame opinion.

2011-08-26 19:38:11


I havent listened to KNBR sport talk, since about 10 years ago when Gary Radnich was saying on his show about how he didn't like Barry Bonds very much but was sure he was not using STEROIDS. Radnich, his job keeps him around professional atheletes. Any body that has ever walked into a gym could tell you in two seconds that Bonds was juiced. Radnich is so out of touch. His broken sentences i can tolerate, but how dumb can you get. Don.

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