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Sheger FM 102.1 Addis Ababa, Regional radio. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 64kbps Regional programs, news.


2014-09-13 21:10:05


Please tell me phon number to call us to sheger fm radio

2014-09-11 18:30:33

Bethlehem Alemu

Can somebody please tell me the phone number to call from US to Sheger Radio. Thanks!

2014-08-15 13:10:09

Zelallem Aniley

i apreciate tadiyase adisoch i am from jimma watching u online keep it up!!

2014-08-15 07:30:37

abrha Legese

shegeroch betam des tilalachu hulem eketatelachewaloh ena ketilubet.

2014-06-30 07:14:52


hi gays it's very aweosame radio chanal you have to be strong i'm with you

2014-05-14 08:34:53


shegroch u r awesome radio channel go ahead we are with u always and will always will be.

2014-04-27 17:40:55


hi everbody, except seifu's program all are the best. pls try to advice for Ato seifu , on the other hand first he should know about ethiopia befor he want to tell us about america.

2014-04-20 11:52:00

Tht Sos Selamo

hi guy pls can u send to me sheger phone number

2014-04-20 11:50:39

Tht Sos Selamo


2014-04-15 10:33:23


እንዴት ደስ በሚል ገለፃ ነው የገለፅሽው ናርዶስ...... ደራሲ ነሽ.........

2014-03-21 15:27:02

Getahune Getahune

I heard a song on Birhanu Digafaye's Air time It is Modernized Agew song , i forgot the title , i really need some help here. i think it is Called 'Kasew Atana'

2014-02-14 17:43:00


I love your show from Washington DC, Valentines day is becoming so stretched and losing its meaning, in America not only man and women love day, but it is a day of saying i love you and i care about you you can say it to your mom daughter, son, grand kids any body in the family but in Ethiopia we took it wrongly

2013-12-18 06:14:07


like u toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

2013-11-17 06:10:08


The best world wide radio station is SHEGER SHEGER

2013-09-29 06:43:16

Sami Fish


2013-08-24 19:08:36


weyena bnatacheu shgeroch connection asechgren wooooooooooo

2013-07-10 12:18:35


best of best

2013-07-05 12:49:31

moges tsega

ሸገሮች ሁሌም ምርጦች ናቺሁ በታም በታም ደስ ይላል ዝግጅቶቻችሁ ቀትሉበት ።

2013-07-02 12:01:20


hi tadias adiss,programu arief new,sele bety yesemahut neger asdesetognal lelochem memar alebachew

2013-06-26 12:59:07

Mesfin Tekle

Seyfu , Samsong menamen eyalk atekabatir , Egna menem alayenem , Network almost yelem malet yechalal. Gulech Belewet Wet Ayatafetem

2013-06-26 06:59:14


ሸገሮች በታም በታም ደስ ይላል ዝግጅታቹ ቀትሉበት !!

2013-06-22 13:53:54


ሸገሮች ፍቅር ናችሁ እውነታችሁ ትውልድ ይቀርፃል፤ዜማዎቻችሁ ለሸማግሌዎቻችንን ተስፋ ይሰጣቸዋል፤ትላንትናቸውንም በደስታና በፍቅር እንዲመለከቱት ታስችሏቸዋላችሁ። ህፃናቶቻችን ኢትዮጵያ ለዘላለም ትኑር ስትሉ ሲሰሙ ልባቸው በሃሴት ይሰክራል፤የትብታቸውን መቀበሪያ እና የማይጠግቡት የልጅነት ግዚያቸውን ታሪክ የፃፉበትን ርስት ወዳችሁላቸዋልና በፍቅር ሃገራቸውን ይወድዳሉ።እኛም ወጣቶቹ በእውነታችሁ እንታነፃለንና እንወዳችሗለን።እናንተ ሸገር የናንተ ሬድዮ ነው ትሉናላችሁ እኛ ደግሞ እንዲህ ስትሉ ስንሰማ እኛም የእናንተ ነን እንላችሗለን።ምክንያቱም እንወዳችሗለና ናርዶስ መርሻ ከአዲስ አበባ

2013-06-01 15:38:29

Barack Aboye

You are marvelous beyond description.I feel like I am reading, singing, traveling and watching life to its fullest meaning when I listen to you. May the Almighty God Bless you and protect you from evil.Long Live!!

2013-05-31 12:50:45

Mesfin Tekle

Le Seyfu Fantahune , Tadias Addis Azegage: It is to say that , your program is the most what I really hate. Actually I really like Sheger fm , I listen almost all the programs , except urs , and what i want to say is , since sheger is one and the only one radio in Ethiopia that have very many listeners , the company it self must control ur program and what you say to listeners . pls control your emotion and be polite and respect ur oudiance. and finally , I miss Meti and Teborne.

2013-05-20 18:19:38


betam des belogal shger sheger

2013-05-18 19:02:42

yabsra kudus

best of the best redio shanel sheger fm

2013-04-25 11:28:15


sheger I can't hear you what happen with the connection?

2013-04-08 08:21:50

Meselu Arega

am Meselu Hi, shegeroch ur program is very attractive but it is not well adressed every where even in addis,why u,sheger make to improve this problem.

2013-03-23 20:17:42


shegeroch abereyachehu eske lelitu 7 alew

2013-03-16 06:17:38

Rahel Hailu from Addis Ababa

Hi sheger i like sheger i feel like my radio if u can pls repute z address of z new web sit

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