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2PR FM Pure Retro Sydney

Sydney, Australia, Oldies. 128kbps Classic Variety

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Gold FM 92.5 Gold Coast

Gold Coast, Australia, Adult Rock

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98.5 Sonshine FM Perth

Perth, Australia, Contemporary. 64kbps

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7LCFM 87.8 FM Launceston College Radio

Launceston, Australia, College Radio. 128kbps Tasmania

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CVCB Phoenix FM 106.7 Bendigo

Bendigo, Australia, Community

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5MBS Radio 99.9 FM Adelaide

Adelaide, Australia, Classical. 32kbps Fine Music, Classical, Jazz

 9  votes

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I think it is an absolute disgrace to the Australian people that Abbott's budget Is disgusting there are enough young people trying to pay their mortgages and pay so much for their kids to go to school that I they won't be able to afford the co payments to go to the doctors. The politicians are always bringing up NZ and their health care. My two daughters live in NZ and they pay $37 to go to the doctors, the politicians aren't telling us how much they will have to pay to go to specialists, exrays, and scans. My daughter just went to have a test an it I cost her $800 and a brain scan cost her &1200. Even the media doesn't go Into all these discussions. As Hockey explained the poor people don,t drive cars what a joke it cost more from Them then it does for the rich as most of them have company cars and don't have to pay for petrol. I challenge Abbott and Hockey to get out and live in the community and live like we do with the same wages as we get and find out how the real world lives. I think they should I just increase the gst by 5 per cent and media by 5 per cent that should solve the problem. Good on the Labor party and Palmer for sticking up for the working class.