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TV3 News Ghana, News TV. , Ghana. TV2 Network loads slowly, News & Entertainment Channel.

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Latest Comments

2014-11-04 11:23:07

Philo Aruk

Ghana is really in crisis God deliver Ghana from this mess.

2014-05-07 19:18:18

talent johnson

please beg Seth Tekper in the name of God to release Ghana for us.

2013-11-25 20:21:44


john mahama why are u making the country to become poor

2013-09-02 14:19:02



2013-05-14 20:20:12



2013-04-12 07:14:12

Sowah, La.

They claim there is no money. Where did they get the 47 million Ghana cedis to pay for the suspicious guinea fowl and tree planting projects?

2013-04-12 07:11:38

Sowah, La.

The government must retrieve what is left of the 47 million Ghana cedis for the guinea fowl and tree plating projects and pay the teachers and the doctors and the contractors in one tranch, and the problem would be over.

2013-02-11 19:23:46


 Emmanuel Dickson is my name tv3 please Ghana  must apologize to abedi pele and his squad for not giving them their reward in winning the cup for Ghana or else we can select the world best players, register them as Ghanians and even score 100000000-0 to any Africa team and i bet you that they will pull the goals back and take the cup thank you

2013-02-01 15:49:45

sadique bless

hi tv3 i am a driver but i am worried about how accident are killing people everyday.the problem is with our authorities bcos they refuse to build a well planned road for us bcos of that their afraid of the road and choose to travel by air anytime they want could travel. at this age and time how could you build a road like george bush road and build a few overhead walk ways with a distance 0f about 2 to 3 kilometers inbetween them whiles seriouse leaders aroud the world has stopped building overhaed walk ways and turned to sub-ways or underpass and when accident happens they turned to blame driver whom also have families that depends on them for a living.why do we have to pay huge taxes,road toll,roadwords,and huge import duties and still see nothing good comming out of these moneys. its time ghanians stop blamming drivers for all the accidents on the road and start to demand for good roads,more underpass bcos in todays world zebra crossings are no more in existance instead underpass.why do we still drive on single highway lanes filled with more toll both huge deaad beds and millions of speed ramps which increases travelling time and at bthe same time cousing tirednes to drivers and cousing accident on our roads whiles others are building between 3 and 10 lanes

2013-02-01 07:13:03

harriet dede djokpe

hi , tv3, u r the best station, omg like u sooooooooooooooo much

2013-01-07 16:38:49


hello tv3 mahama day was sweet?

2013-01-06 19:32:04

Benjamin Nketiah Agyemang

i lyk nana abas saturdays show Divas show nd ur news is mmmmwuahhhh

2012-12-18 20:01:53


plse wen will gov't pay his workers frm dadakwadwo of Aprade ksi

2012-12-11 22:20:01

ali baba asawasi

from ali baba asawase-kumasi. i think the attitude of the NPP is the most unfortunate and uncivilized,they should undrestand that the die has been cast and the men have cross the rubicon, but their action could be a recipe for war in ghana.

2012-12-10 02:15:41


Homosexuality in Ghana,poof!We don't need them. They should go to America or Canada.That is their base!

2012-12-07 08:21:29

Anas Bonkano

Hello, Good morning, In fact I like the way tv3 update us with the election. and its calm here in Ashanti region.but it just some of the polling centers are not having some materials.

2012-09-13 16:52:19

Lawrence Apaloo

President Mahama is the best leader for we ghanaians so lets not waste our vote on the NPP but rather vote NDC for a better GHANA.

2012-08-01 15:18:40


 Sorry l no this a bad time but the is this movie on the net l want you to show it to the world it a nice palace movie by the koreas it is DONY YI (Dong Yi) it a classic movies

2012-06-05 15:16:49


Please asked when the electoral commission is going to effect the payments of the biometric voter registration exercise because we used our little money on us for transportation on the exercise.  

2012-05-21 17:28:52

Justice Donkor

may i no what government is doing about kennedy agyapong's case

2012-02-28 11:26:52


I also suggest that there is no gov,and everybody just becomes a JEHOVAHS WITNESS.i promise there will be peace

2012-01-21 17:56:57

Baafi Joseph

SO, what are the NDC gov,t telling us, Is this the better ghana we are seeing,hmm i am really shock abt the money parent have to pay before his ward get to sch this days poor ghana  . 

2011-12-12 23:17:09


All in all, Ghana is slowly but surely been raided of its resources, asserts and its best minds. Some of these are the very same group of people who came sucking our blood in the 60s and the 70s. As soon as Ghana started falling on hard time poof just like that they were gone now they are back one more time to suck us dry. Funny thing is, some of them don't even have passports let alone visas or residence or work permits. Thanks to almighty corruption they are free to go and come as they please, and in a most cases their rights supersedes that of the Ghanaians. My advice to native Ghanaians, travel wide and open your eyes you will see what the money from your country have done for other people,s countries.   

2011-10-27 21:16:01

Isaac Baah

was it prof who said it should rain tell me npp?u just wak up and say anthing that u want to say.if u dont hv anthing to say pls take about npp ok.thank u

2011-10-27 21:11:15


i dont no what to say to there npp people when they wak up in the morning and they dont take about ndc,they are not ok,

2011-09-12 16:31:50


Samuel Okyere I am worried. Why is Homosexuality allowed in Takoradi. God save GH.

2011-08-29 12:21:36

Tetteh edem

i am really surprised today the NDC government is sending away reputable doctors of this nation not forgetting their past contributions to the nation now doctor are on hold with their work and may soon proceed on strike what is Ghana turning into i always respected prof but i think been hypocritical about running the affairs of the nation.i thought he says no one will dictate to him but he now obviously taking them from his own subordinates God save Ghana.

2011-08-06 13:02:21


which of these is an offense, a student coping in an examination hall or a nation coping another nation?

2011-07-18 13:32:44


Ghanaian must stop tribalism because it can bring conflistÂ

2011-07-14 19:29:34


what exactly is the learned prof. djan baffour is saying? Keeping the money in heritage fund indeed. Did the NPP saved any money? Go Prof Atta MILLS and spend the money in building the nation. Our hard earned money cannot be put down for them. Manase

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