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2012-04-05 15:35:21


Hey Moe, Men have rights don't we, I do understand we live in this Christian Western World where morals and common sense matters not but, dsoe'nt mean Women have to be invtied to all of Men activity.

2012-03-20 16:26:36


why do we as black people think the president can do more that his office allows and why don't we speak this loudly when one of our black young men kill each other that happens in the neighborhood on a regular basis but when a white man does it we are all up in arms and want the president to speak but what about those local and state of florida black politicians where is there voices on this matte,  I know it is a problem with the speed and how the local authorities are dragging their feet on what most of us think is a murder.  We know that this society is racist and that the value of lives of young black men is not what it should be but it's because we are killing one another more than any other race is killing us, where is our voice when we repeatedly kill each other and not even we in the neighboorhood are outraged.  The president speaking to any local matter only means that he is informed about the situation going on in that particular area, what about the seven killings in Chicago and probably other cities that no one is speaking out about, get off the President and put  it on the local leaders.

2011-08-24 03:34:18


To those who are wise,hath a Spiritual-eye,knowledge,wisdom and understanding,this is bit is for you to think about.The Earthquake many people witnessed today,was really not an earthquake.It was the "Spiritual Sound" (SYMBOLICALLY) of  Martin Luther King,moving and  "spiritually Splitting" those" mountains of despair",he spoke of in his speeches.If not so,how do you explain the timing of the events itself ? The statue and unveiling of his monument in these last few days,and an earthquake of this magnitude(100 + years) since the last one.But ,why did it happen today,and why did it happen in D.C. today,???????The only time I remember an event happening like this, was when a man who spoke the truth to power,fortold his followers,that he would die,and rise ,destroy a temple ,and rebuild it in 3 days. The strangest  thing that got most peoples attention at that time,was that, moments after they killed him, there was a very strange "EARTHQUAKE" that occurred , this earthquake occurance confirmed to the wise, that, that ,man (JESUS CHRIST),must have  "DEFINITELY" been who he said he was,and to have a connection to  someone,or something , that has enough power to cause the earth to shake,must be a "Spiritually Powerful" force.Surely,M.L.K. was not a God,and cannot be  compared,but he did confess that, "He just wanted to do God's will". And,he proclaimed freedom from the" majestic mountains in the Northeast,to the "red hills of Georgia,to that effect.It's funny,those are the same areas that felt the effects from that Earthguake today.Think about it ......Signed:Ron717

2011-08-08 19:03:14


The comments being made that the president is not doing enough for blacks is another attempt to instill within us somthing alone the lines of THE WILLIE LYNCH THEORY that has controled us as a people even to this day, I ask what has any other president democrat or republican done for you that you had to continue fighting for, now we are being led once again to believe that their the best thing for us lets stop consistantly looking the wrong way because when it is all said and done we are still at the starting gate while they have started and engaged in the game leaving us no choice but to accept their terms. Stop being misled and start leading.     

2011-08-02 16:14:30


The author Jared Diamond has written a book titled "Collapse" that should be required reading for our congress, media and anyone who has influence or authority regarding American governance or policy. The book is a quick education of the world's great societal collapses, from the Anasazi of North America to the Vikings of Greenland to modern Montana; and the warning signs surrounding us today that we ignore at our peril. The U.S. is on the brink (or path) of collapse and we continue to ignore the obvious signs at our peril. The collapse of previous great societies like America were the result of environmental catastrophe. An economic catastrophe will most probably precipitate  a collapse of the American society. It is unlikely that the collapse of our society will happen in my life time, but our current path and policies make collapse inevitable. Can it be avoided? Unlikely- primarily because it is impossible to correct a problem that you are unwilling to acknowledge or recognize. Controlling or influential politicians, officials and media are all fighting for the best or a better seat on a ship that is sinking; and, because of political party, ideals and shortsighted self interest, none of them see that if the ship sinks, no one survives, and if it is to be saved, they have to start bailing water. In context, its not at all certain what "bailing water" should include. But it must include dumping age old prejudices, ideals, beliefs and strategies that are not reasonably sustainable. We cannot keep doing the same things and expect different results.    

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