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KIG79 NOAA Weather Nashville TN

Nashville, TN USA, Weather. 16kbps NOAA Weather Service

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KQEN 1240 AM NewsRadio Roseburg

Roseburg, OR USA, News. News, Sports, Talk, Weather, Traffic

Station Logo Christmas Blender

Internet, USA, Christmas. 128kbps

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WJCR 90.1 FM Upton Kentucky

Upton, KY USA, Christian. Christian Programming

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Inception Radio Network Plus

Chicago, IL USA, Talk. 96kbps Talk, News, Politics

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KCMI 96.6 FM Scottsbluff Nebraska

Scottsbluff, NE USA, Christian. 64kbps Local Christian Programming, Western Nebraska, Eastern Wyoming, Terrytown

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My name is Jate Hemms. I recently had the first book of a Trilogy Published. The name of the Novel is, “THE DEVIL’S SCIENCE”. Enclosed is my PRESS RELEASE which gives a summary of the Novel and some background information. I represented thousands of Handicapped and Disabled people through out the decade I owned my firm in upstate NY before I moved to Florida in 1999 to help out my mother. When 9/11 occurred, like most people, I was sickened by the amount of destruction, death and injury in the state I grew up in and the place I had helped so many in the court of law with their disabilities. While in Florida, I myself was in a car accident less than 1 year after I arrived and became disabled. With most of the disks in my neck shattered, I was unable to participate in a regular 9 to 5 job. Being unable to do much and the fact that I hold 6 college degrees, I did what I had always been good at….writing. It took me a year to write the Novel and it was immediately approved by my publishers committee. I decided that I would use a large percentage of the sales to open a firm in NYC to represent all Handicapped and Disabled individuals needing my help, but specialize in the several I had kept hearing about on the news. Many people, now years later, after breathing that toxic cloud of debris from that day, are having a multitude of medical problems. From Cancer to Respitory Distress and are being denied treatment. Most were Police and Fireman, but several were regular citizens who were on the streets that day. My Novel has some terrific reviews by several who have read and enjoyed it. It’s a great story. The problem is I am a 1st time author. I am not rich or famous, so it is hard (to impossible) to obtain an Agent or receive any help with media coverage. I am sending you this letter to see if any media sources would like to help me out, as well as see what a great book it is….and even more so….the great cause it will be helping. It would be fantastic to get an interview and be able to tell about this thrilling Sci-Fi Adventure and explain what a portion of the sales will be going toward. If you are at all interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the enclosed telephone number, address or Email. I thank you either way for your time on this matter. Sincerely, Jate Hemms