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2013-05-05 15:00:26

Bb Barnett

Sid Marks is the best I'm form Port Rchey Fl. Lived here for 20 some years Listening to Frank Sinatra. Used to live in Woodbury N.J. Frank is the best singer ever. Sid keep up the good entertaining of Mr. Sinatra Thank You

2013-04-29 22:35:55


Congrats Big Talker, bringing Dick Morris to the fold is a great move. Sensational ! So long, good by and adios to schmuckala Michael Schmuckonish. Enjoy your time with Christobama Matthews. May the thrill go up your leg.

2012-12-17 16:26:47


To be evil you must know right from wrong and then choose wrong.  I doubt the Sandy Hook shooter had this capability

2012-07-17 20:17:51


Michael, why the change in so many ways? I followed you for your entire talk show career and I am done. Lucky to still find Rush. Crc

2012-06-27 02:24:46

20RUSHisGOD12's the latest.  WWIQ 106.9 is the place all who MISS RUSH need to go!  He will have the same time slot 1210 gave him except anyone with any REAL IQ will NOT be tuned into WPHT...they'll switch to his new channel 106.9..Tune in- Glenn Beck will be the lead in and Hannity will follow.  Fastened your seatbelts...this could be the BEST RIDE OF YOUR LIFE...GO RUSH!!!!!    ******RUSH IS GOD******   LIVE FREE OR DIE!!!!

2012-06-27 00:14:51


 Don't like either one of them. You are right that Smerconish is a blowhard. Always bragging about something he has done or was in the company of someone he thought was a big shot. He also avoids important subjects such as abortion so that he won't offend either side. He is afraid to, again, criticize the "other side" and won't, at least admit it is murder, even if he thinks it is o.k.   He avoids really discussing the subject instead. He needs a spine.

2012-06-27 00:08:41


Good riddance

2012-06-27 00:08:14


 You are so right. If I hear "c'mon" one more time, I will puke.

2012-06-26 23:25:38


ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!   Replace RUSH?!?  You MUST be AFRAID of what your LISTENERS ARE LEARNING FROM THIS CONSERVATIVE GOD or you wouldn't have taken him out of your talk radio broadcast.  He gave you the highest ratings you'll ever see!!!  It won't be long til your begging to have him's too late for me!  Make the SMART CHOICE 1210...BRING BACK RUSH...IT'S THE ONLY WAY TO REDEEM YOURSELF!!     TOO LATE FOR ME*****-RUSH IS GOD!!!

2012-06-26 17:55:29


I guess 1210 has sold out and are selling out to the liberals who hate Rush. Good bye!

2012-06-25 16:06:14

Linda K

Now I'm really done with 1210. Off I go to continue listening to Rush. See ya.

2012-06-19 00:06:09


I do not like the idea of replacing Rush Linbugh with Michael Smer. I used to enjoy waking up to him a few years ago, but he has turned into somewhat of a blowhard.

2012-06-12 14:23:52


How much longer do we have to endure the rhetoric of Dom Giordano ? Stop sorting and eliminating the REAL feelings of the people of the Delaware Valley

2012-05-25 19:21:14


Michael When do you replace Russ Linbaugh. Will you be on 12N-3PM. Tony

2012-04-23 20:44:37


Michael: I would like to toss out the term "have a good one". I always feel like saying Have a good what? Whatever happened to a plain old" thank you. Come again".  I also hate the social kiss. It seems so phony. Regards, Mary

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