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98.1 Hot FM Georgetown Radio Guyana, Regional radio. Georgetown, guyana. 128kbps Guyanese Music, Reggae, Guyana International.

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2013-10-17 13:21:28


NCN website dead dead so nobady else caaaan't bring 98.1 and this kissmeass station a advertise eself as 98.1 when in fact e a RADIO GUYANA FM(internet radio rass)

2013-10-03 22:02:38


Hi Paul, today is october 3rd, 2013 and am trying to get Hot 98.1 FM but no luck, are you receiving it now, please?

2013-09-10 17:51:42


what a shame this station always down. please do something.

2013-07-11 20:33:26


shout out to all de West Bank ppl

2013-03-24 04:34:02


big up me ppl in canal # 2 and gt

2013-03-24 04:32:53


good vibes love this staition big up GT PPL.

2013-03-20 17:06:32


Good afternoon from Minnesota USA from Anand to all my friend in Guyana

2013-01-19 22:12:37



2012-12-24 18:55:47


cannot get 98.1 hot fm on the internet. is it dead for good.

2012-12-07 20:50:36

Stacey Granville Latchman

Radio is Radio, u win some u loose some , all who nah like switch aaaaaaaaaafffffffff now and nah come back hay ! lol for those of us who like varity welcome and enjoy! happy upcoming holidays to yall !

2012-10-27 15:18:18


Casual big up yourself...keep great music coming through the radio waves...Respect due bro!!!!!!

2012-10-22 00:57:23

Carol Rambarran

wish i had a number to call in to the station

2012-10-22 00:55:51

Carol Rambarran

basil p. my aunt anita and my cousin amanda are in ny and i am in florida enjoying the lovely oldies

2012-10-22 00:55:09

Carol Rambarran

listening to 98.1fm, the basil p show, me and my family in florida and queens

2012-08-04 03:44:36

Avey Thomas

love it....

2012-07-15 22:18:44


vibes nice

2012-06-09 04:16:24

Avey Thomas

i love listenin to 98.1 fm always d best....

2012-06-06 21:34:39



2012-05-19 02:00:23


Nice vibe

2012-05-04 14:35:12


Good Morning Guyana, my family, friends I say hello

2012-04-30 00:07:00


No matter where I am, I listen to my radio from home. Please tell the people in parliament not to mess up my country, I want to enjoy it when I come home.

2012-04-28 20:04:02


big up the people in leguan , soesdyke and everybody else in guyana. big up alister joseph and family from oneil hinds and the blackstone crew in st kitts nevis . i love you guyana

2012-01-09 00:38:09


this is angela from los angeles ca enjoying the musis

2011-11-14 02:07:34


listen   frm trinidad

2011-10-04 20:34:36


I love this station. as a g/t ppl

2011-09-11 19:26:19

Trisheena Hernandez

how do u get to vote ??? whats the number

2011-08-27 12:36:41


nice music

2011-07-02 15:06:05

Anthony Richards47

we have 2 songs will like to get them to this radio our group is STATIK can we get a email to send it to?Â

2011-07-02 10:03:17

Sherry Bisnauth

good music

2011-06-24 01:19:32


Hate to be the spoiler but some the music on our station is so old, it’s almost depressing, my guess is that most of the people of 50's and 60's era are in their later period of their lives and therefore that music would only appeal to them mostly so only a small segment should be played seeing that Guyana only have so few radio stations, 98.1 should be for mostly new, updated, energetic  music that make you want to listen to it all day but instead radio stations seem stuck in a time capsule with a whole range of older music while nothing much is played for 70's or 80's which would be considered oldies now. Don't get me wrong I like all era of music and though I'm not a fan of all the hip hop and lady gaga craze but all generations should have their time on the radio. So far the best show is with the guy in the morning don't know what is his name really "Casual"?? not sure but he seems to have the right energy for radio, need a few more like him but there are a few exceptions with a few other radio host who would play a new hit in between the old ones. No offence just constructive criticism. Our whole cultural existences are so behind the rest of the Caribbean. Let the radio in Guyana be more alive and more free.

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