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Russian Radio Beer Sheva

Beer Sheva, Israel, Pop. 128kbps Russkoe Radio Israel, Русское Радио Израиль Беер-Шева, Israeli Pop, Russian

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Radio Israel 1

Jerusalem, Israel, Jewish. 128kbps Israeli Music, Jewish Music, Regional News In Hebrew. רדיו ישראל 1

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Radio Ariel 106 FM Good News רדיו קול אריאל

Ariel, Israel, Community. 24kbps Local

 59  votes

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Kol Israel Reka - News in French

Jerusalem, Israel, News. Français

 42  votes

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RadioezOrit רדיו אזורית

Haifa, Israel, Pop. 128kbps פשוט לשמוע מוסיקה

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i24 News Israel TV English

Jerusalem, Israel, News. Live 24 Hour News Television Channel From Israel. Middle East News, English Feed

 320  votes

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Channel Reviews, Comments

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Arye O'Sullivan = wishfull thinking - on Russias soluiton for Assad - Hizbbolla to leave LEBANON !!! - he misread the items as printed on the screen

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who is in charge at IBA english news re: broadcasting jon stewart on today's program? give me a break! this is NEWS?

Reviewed By

Please investigate desecration of Sefer Torah at Rachel's Tomb private property erev Rosh Hoshanah, cementing, them moving it into street, and dumping aron kodesh and chairs and tables miles away just before Yom Kippur. aron Kodesh is in street. We need help to return it with an uproar. .

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Sefer Torah and Aron Kodesh desecrated at Rachel's Tomb. Harassmen every day, fraudulant permit gets bulldozing Rachels Children Reclamation property done.

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Re your news about the Lapid housing plan, can you please put on someone who understands the housing market and can analyze the proposed legislation. So far, you have had nothing but opinions but persons who do not have the slightest clue about the market and how it would respond to the proposed incentives/tax breaks.

Reviewed By

I have attempted to watch IBA News like I usually do this week and am unable because of a neeeded plug-in which is unavailable... would you be able to help me out?

Reviewed By

Your newscaster Aeran Viner looked lovely tonight.

Reviewed By

Why does Jerusalem Post  have to be so complicated when posting on their 'Talkback'  Message Board ?

Reviewed By

can I SEE live news anywhere on here?????